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This Week – BJJ Training & Massage/Injury Prevention Seminar

Morning all, hope you all had a fun weekend.

We have a jam packed week of BJJ and seminars this week so I thought I would put this overview together for you. Please click on the links to get the full details.

Saturday between 10am and midday we are running a 2 hour massage and injury prevention seminar. This is a hands on seminar where we will be learning and experiencing using pressure points to relax muscle and loads more (click for full Jiu Jitsu injury seminar agenda and details) , so please wear a gi with a t-shirt/rash guard. Everyone is welcome, Edmonton and Hoddesdon Monthly members can attend for free.

If you haven’t already, please can you let me now if you are attending – the massage people need to know numbers.

Monday 7:45pm start: We will be working on three things, jump guard takedowns, maintaining your guard and I will be introducing the Conveyor Belt drill….

Thursday 7:30pm start: Guard pass night.

Saturday 8.30am BJJ Kettle Bells, 9am to 10am Beginners/Open Mat, and 10am Massage/Injury Prevention Seminar.

See you tonight.



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