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6 week Kettle Bell Progam – Week 1 Intro Video

Hi guys,

Thanks to everyone that attended the week 1 of our 6 week BJJ Kettle Bell Program. Over this week I will be editing and releasing the video of the session in sections.

The first video is Simon providing us with a introduction to kettle bells and the sport specific nature of he exercising and how it will benefit us as ‘Combat Athletes’.

Please feel free to forward these videos to anyone you think maybe interested in Kettle Bell training. Simon and I have been really please with the feedback and as a result of this are looking to start an extra (paid) kettle bell class for non members and those who did not sign up for the free 6 week course on Tuesday’s in Hoddesdon between 6.30pm and 7pm. If you know anyone that might be interested please get them to call me on 07867511803.

In tomorrows video, Simon takes the kettle bell class through the warm up and shows us the basic principles of the ‘swing’ and the correct way to distribute your weight when ‘swinging’ a kettle bell – you will be please to find out that your BJJ base means you have a head start on non grapplers!


Enzo Vullo (Arlans Siqueira Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

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